Cohort 2

September 6-November 25, 2022

Building on the momentum from Cohort 1 (Spring 2022) – we are excited to showcase the next line-up of 20 startups leveraging innovative solutions to create #socialimpact.

Want to be part of the program?


Be Global Safety

Real-Time Safety Incident Prevention Software. AI powered safety software to detect, report and analyze safety incidents and unsafe conditions using your existing cameras for retail and supply chains.

Cyber Legends

Cyber Smart is the New Street Smart. We have built a first of its kind cyber safety educational gaming platform where children can turn their passion for gaming into making them safe online. We are on a mission to help parents, educators and enterprises raise cyber smart kids.

Difinity Solutions

Our goal is to improve patient care delivery while pushing forward disruptive technologies in medical care. Our focus is to leverage the power of technology in two fields: medical devices and medical technologies. We work to develop various solutions in those fields to innovate and improve the lives of our users and patients. Our team is composed of medical, engineering, regulatory, and technology professionals.

Digital Wellness Institute

We exist to equip leaders and changemakers with the tools needed to help individuals find the sweet spot between thriving and productivity. We support greater community safety and well-being by using a model of “knowledge-embodiment-empowerment” to raise awareness of potentially harmful digital behaviors and to train individuals in positive practices. We have developed a proprietary approach to teaches these behaviors called the Digital Flourishing model, which is grounded in a scientifically-validated assessment and training covering the eight domains of tech-life balance.


Our mission is to help people live healthier lives by facilitating them to fill gaps in their wellness spectrum. We believe that a healthy life is one with psychological richness. Our experience base platform is a peer-to-peer tool that is AI-powered to support people with sharing, understanding, and addressing feelings that are at the genesis of most common mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

eyeknow AI

Keeping the helpless safe from violence using security cameras and AI. Using a unique blend of computer vision, AI and CCTV footage, we are able to automatically detect aggression and violence between caregivers and the helpless. Our solution can be integrated with off-the-shelf cameras and operate in many markets, including daycare centers, nursing homes and private homes.


Flyhound builds technology to assist public safety agencies in the preservation of life. Our technology is designed to allow agencies to rapidly locate people in the field – whether missing people, criminal suspects, or even their own officers and rescuers to help serve the public need.

Forward Vision Games

We are like a flight simulator for financial skills. Forward Vision Games (FVG) develops financial simulation games that teach people the financial skills needed for the future of work. FVG has been focused on Economic Reconciliation and Indigenous success from day one.

Gabriel Protects

Gabriel Stops Mass Shootings. By using AI and machine learning, we are disrupting the security industry by replacing legacy security systems dependent on human interaction with automated systems that reduce response time, chaos and cost.

Give Shop

GiveShop is a matchmaking platform for social good. We connect businesses who give with impact organizations who need support.


Inqli serves the 1000+ employee organizations that are finding their potential crippled by lack of employee engagement, poor retention (eg: The Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, The War for Talent), difficulty recruiting, and lack of alignment with corporate goals/mission. Our position is that these are all symptoms of a broader problem: A lack of a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose within the workforce, role, and a lack of alignment of the two with organizational purpose.

Transform by IFSSA

IFSSA provides a holistic approach to community well-being that is culturally and spiritually sensitive. IFSSA serves the Edmonton community through a halal food bank, family violence counseling, a youth program, refugee support, and much more.

Kid Drop Inc.

Kid Drop is a private transportation service exclusively for kids 4-16 years of age. We offer door to door service to and from school, extracurricular activities and custody exchanges.

knead Technologies

 Knead Technologies started by spinning out technology from a charitable foundation – the Left-overs Foundation started in 2012. Seeing a need to address the logistics for the charity, a prototype and an app were built that the charity uses today to manage delivery routes, rescuing over $2million of food with the technology.

Safe Citizens

Public Safety in Complex Environments. Geo-relevant, fully integrated Emergency Management and Warning Platform with live situational awareness.


Ethical Data Sharing. We are a thin piece of the broader use of health data to lead discovery. Sympatic puts you in control of how your data is used. Accelerate discovery without ever transferring your private or sensitive data.

Technologies North Digital Services

Technology North Digital Services is an adaptable training, employment, and service delivery vehicle that concentrates on empowering those with critical barriers to convention employment. Using Machine Learning to facilitate workflows and training efficiency in a variety of fields in the modern Digital Economy, TNDS currently accepts neurodiverse individuals and those suffering from adverse socio-political circumstances.

TurnSignl Inc.

Our cloud-based mobile technology helps provide drivers and their loved ones peace of mind during stressful roadside interactions by connecting them to attorneys with a simple click of a button. Our goal is to protect drivers’ civil rights, de-escalate roadside interactions, and ensure that everyone returns home safely.

VR Pathways Inc.

VR Pathways Inc is an Edmonton based company, developing a unique combination of two mental wellness, support apps (VRBrain™ and Pocket Brain™) to enhance evidenced-based psychological therapies that are used by clinicians to treat stress, anxiety, PTSD, and phobias, within a safe virtual reality environment.

Zafty Intelligence

We are fine tuning technology that remotely and passively monitors behaviour and flags potential mental health events. Permitting proactive intervention and assistance for those who don’t ask for help.