Cohort #1 (Jan to Apr, 2022)

Cohort 1 Impact

CSW First Round Cohort – January 2022

Listed below in alphabetical order

CSW Cohort 1 - Jan to Apr 2022

Demo Day
April 19, 2022
10:30 am – 1 pm


Anima is an AI tool that helps practitioners identify and assess childhood sexual abuse through self-figure drawing.

Areto Labs

Areto Labs’ suite of apps uses artificial intelligence to analyze sentiment on social media, moderate online abuse and deliver communication campaigns through automated messaging to help protect public figures & employees online, increase brand loyalty & engagement, grow fanbase, and bust trolls.


Athena is a mom-centered platform to assist in the recovery of child welfare payments.

Brave Technology Coop

Brave Coop co-designs technology for overdose detection and response, with more than 100 fatalities prevented to date. 

Budee Solutions

Budee is a revolutionary new safety application that helps workers and supervisors manage many aspects of occupational risk.


Clearhead is a workplace wellbeing provider that takes an integrated approach of digital resources, therapists, and anonymised data analytics to help you proactively manage your employees’ wellbeing.


Defynance is the first fintech to refinance existing student loans using a smart income share agreement (ISA) that is debt-free with always-affordable payments.

Digital Public Square

Digital Public Square is dedicated to helping communities become more inclusive, responsive, and better equipped to change lives with good technology.

Every Two Minutes

Every Two Minutes is a public benefit corporation that creates next-gen technology that assess potential threats in real-time & automates interventions to keep people safe in dangerous situations before they even know they may need it.

Kara Technologies

Making content accessible to sign language users with AI digital humans.


Malso captures and processes unstructured signals like audio, video, and biomarkers to infer mental states, behaviors, and change in people over time.


NavigateIO provides on-demand & infrastructure-free location tracking intelligence for first responders in GPS denied areas


Nucleos provides education and vocational training programs to help people gain the skills, belief in self, and knowledge to pursue new opportunities.


Innovation made for everyone, autonomy, job re-integration & communication for disabled people.


PALcares is an AI-based recommendation system, offered as a web app, that connects community members to relevant social supports while collecting and mobilizing data within civil society to provide the data necessary to enhance social services over time.


Pedesting is a navigation app for iOS and Android that provides the easiest, safest and most accessible pedestrian routes through a city and inside buildings for all people, regardless of their abilities.


Rubicon provides video analytics and software efficiency tools to the security industry.


AI systems for smart detection of all safety and security scenarios in water.

Xena Vision

Xena Vision provides realtime emergency/abnormal human activity recognition via video cameras.