Our Why

In partnership with AlchemistX, the Edmonton Police Foundation, and Alberta Innovates, the TELUS CSW Accelerator is bringing proven Silicon Valley acceleration programming to the social impact space in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Why

There’s over $7.5B spent on community / social programs in Edmonton alone and the outcomes aren’t quite what we would have expected for that level of investment. In addition, there’s a great opportunity to lead on social justice and create a model that’s replicable globally.

We believe that this Accelerator can leverage entrepreneurship, technology, data, AI/ML, mentorship, funding, domain partners to finally help devise and deploy workable solutions that can not only deliver better outcomes, but more importantly, make a real difference in the lives of our citizens and help our entrepreneurs scale the solutions globally. Technology can help deliver better outcomes!

This is our chance to do Good, Deliver Better Outcomes and Create Scalable Companies and for Alberta to lead the world in Community Safety and Wellness Solutions.

Did you know that on the Social Progress Imperative (SPI) index, Alberta is currently at 49 (out of 100)? Can we raise the SPI for Alberta, Canada and the World? Yes we CAN! and we MUST!

Read more about the SPI. As well, take a look at the SPI data for Alberta, presented by ATB.

Our Values

Ethically apply data, AI/ML and technology to social change.

Build human-centered solutions for those they impact.

Include a true diversity and equity lens across all we do.

Grow ventures that scale in Alberta and give-back locally and globally.

Create prosperity for a bright future for our planet

Include and create equitable futures for historically unrepresented groups.