Cohort 3

March 6-May 26, 2023

We are excited to present the passionate entrepreneurs of Cohort 3. Their leadership, vision and innovation combine to create both business and social impact across a diverse range of sectors, including: Education, Health, Accessibility, Worker Safety, Sustainability, Smart Cities, and more!

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Addinex Technologies

Addinex offers a low-cost prescription drug dispensing system to reduce medication misuse and addiction. Our patented dispenser limits access based on a patient’s prescription (e.g., 1 pill every 4 hours) while educating patients on proper use and risks. Our mobile app collects patient data and progress to allow a clinician to avoid overprescribing and remotely manage a patient’s treatment. When done, the patient simply returns any leftover pills in a provided mailer for safe disposal.

AI Shading

AI Shading is using AI programming to replace the manual control of window blinds towards different sunlight orientation throughout the day. Block solar radiation in Summer and harvest solar radiation in Winter.


Bring Wireless Anywhere
Beamlink designs cell networks for disaster zones and the 3.5 Billion people currently without stable Internet around the world. The Bentocell, Beamlink’s flagship product, is a lunchbox sized cell tower that can be set up by anyone with the push of a button


DeafTawk is a digital sign language interpretation solution with the combination of both real-time human interpretation and AI bot. It aims to bridge the communication gap of the deaf community which is almost 466 million across the globe according to WHO. It is a mobile application that is available on cross platforms and envisioning google translator for the deaf community across the globe.


.lumen – empowering the blind.

.lumen is a research startup that builds glasses which empower the blind to live a better life. There are 43 million blind people today, and despite all the technological advancements, the most used mobility solutions are still the walking cane and the guide dog. .lumen offers a solution that mimics the benefits of a guide dog without the drawbacks that make it a non-scalable solution.

Earthware Reusables

Earthware is a reusable packaging as a service company that eliminates harmful single-use takeout containers. Restaurants, grocery stores, farms and many others replace their single-use containers with Earthware reusable containers. They pack all takeout meals in Earthware and charge a 30 cent deposit per container. Consumers can retrieve a portion of that deposit by returning Earthware containers to bottle depots


The ForceMetrics mobile-ready platform is designed to give police the information they need to positively impact every interaction with the public. ForceMetrics aims to reduce adverse law enforcement encounters through dispatch, patrol, and officer-level insights. By bringing modern, innovative technologies to traditional processes, we empower law enforcement officers and public officials to make informed, data-driven decisions that have a real impact and make our communities safer for everyone.


Gotcare is reimagining what it means to receive health services in the home for older adults and people living with disabilities. Our high-tech and high-touch personalized patient experience enables low-acuity health needs to be addressed conveniently in the home setting, even in rural communities. Since launching in 2018, Gotcare has generated over $7m in revenue and services over 1,000 patients across Canada.

HelpSeeker Technologies

HelpSeeker provides data, software & expertise for breakthrough solutions to complex social problems. We build solutions that empower leaders on the frontlines of solving the world’s most complex social challenges.


IEP&Me is reimagining specialized education for students, families, and educators through a simplified and digestible platform, encouraging collaboration and providing resources that promote self-advocacy and transparency.

Included by Design

Included by Design uses digital solutions and innovation to solve accessibility and inclusion problems that still restrict equal opportunities from a massive part of our population. We’ve developed a platform that can help identify accessible venues and connect them with individuals looking to get out and participate in their communities without apprehension of whether a business can appropriately meet their needs.

Medidas Digital

TrypScore – Safe driving made fun!
Every day, 270 million licensed drivers in North America make over a billion trips behind the wheel. The TrypScore technology suite has been built to create a new incentive-driven, game-based approach to change driving behavior and reduce vehicle collisions which currently kill or seriously injure over 5 million people every year. At the same time our geo-spatial, targeted marketing engine is poised to become the next evolution in the $10B Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Market.


Culturally adapted and clinically validated mental health. We are behavioral wellbeing innovators. Ensuring everyone has access to the support and care they need to reach their optimal levels of adaptability.

N5 Sensors

Simplify. Inform. Protect. N5 Sensors’ mission is to keep people safe from wildfire and environmental hazards through a cloud-connected ecosystem of smarter sensors and by leveraging the endless possibilities of shared data and AI

Rent Fund

Renting Re-Imagined. Turn your rent into an investment. RentFund was founded to provide a win-win solution to everyone involved in the rental experience. How we do that is by using incentives, sharing accurate and transparent information and providing security and protection for everyone. By doing this we’ve created a platform that gives all our users more freedom and puts more money in their pockets.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics

RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RWI) Synthetic Cities platform enables generational impact and outcome planning through 3D advanced scenario simulation, data management, synthetic modelling, synthetic data generation, and VR visualization at community, city and larger scales. This is inclusive and representative of diverse people, natural and built environments, governance, businesses, services, and infrastructure, to inform integrated urban (re)development strategies and accelerate climate, equity and sustainability action through investments in innovative plans, pilots, and programs.


“Real-Time Impairment Risk Detection Saves Lives”
SOBEREYE INC. Inc. is an American company with technical expertise is in the field of image processing and artificial intelligence software algorithms for the measurement of pupillary metrics and eye movements.
The company offers a product/service of “Real-Time Impairment Detection” based on automated pupillary analysis to prevent accidents at work. Employees check themselves with an easy-to-use, one-minute self-test.


TalkMaze instills confidence in children through public speaking and debate training. We provide an all-inclusive virtual platform that integrates technology, curriculum, and coaches, to deliver communication skills training to kids. Our gamified, level-based coaching curriculum for 5-17 year olds keeps children engaged while helping them build fundamental, life-long skills.


Open Social Navigator for people with mobility difficulties.
WeGlad helps people with any mobility difficulty to gain autonomy and move freely in the cities having objective data about the accessibility of streets, transportation and buildings. It also offers the community the possibility talk to eachother, create content, ask for help or insights and cooperate.
It grows through the gamification of corporate stakeholder creating engagement for mass tangible impact.


Rent day bliss with flexible rent payments.
Zenbase partners with property management companies to improve the financial health of their residents and increase their operational predictability.
To improve affordability & timely rent payments Zenbase covers the full rent amount whenever it’s due and lets residents repay in smaller payments throughout the month. Zenbase empowers every resident to seamlessly build credit with positive rent payments.