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Personalized advice when you need it most inside of WhatsApp. Reinventing mental health and stress management support for the future using AI.
Founder Vakeesan Mahalingam

Breast Buds

Breast Buds is an AI powered platform designed to support Breast Cancer patients, caregivers, and clinicians.
Founder Wendy Muise


CalmWave is the future of AI in Healthcare. We’re making the quiet ICU a reality.

The Problem.
We’re determined to transform the current healthcare status quo in ICUs by addressing the overwhelming number of alarms, which sits at an astonishing 771 alarms per patient per day. However, what’s truly alarming is that 85 to 99% of these alarms are non-actionable, leaving our dedicated nurses spending a significant 35% of their time dealing with them. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a burnout rate of 60% among our nurses, with a staggering 31% turnover rate, leading to a considerable increase in labor costs of four to five times. Moreover, the lack of sleep and excessive noise in ICUs have had a detrimental impact on patient recovery, contributing to increased risks like ICU delirium.

The status quo is unacceptable. CalmWave is working to change it.
Founder Ophir Ronen

Click&Push Accessibility Inc

Click&Push Accessibility Inc. is a developer of technogies (wearable devices and mobile applications) intended to improve accessibility and creation of inclusive communities. The company’s products – SAGITTA and ATLAS offer exertion mapping, barriers reporting, and activity monitoring, enabling users to ease personal mobility.
Founder Isha Katyal

Faculty of Skin

Faculty of Skin provides personalization technologies for companies in the cosmetic industry.
Founder Ade Adegbonmire


Fibra (“Feebra”) is the future of women’s health! It is a data-driven women’s health platform, (patent-pending smart underwear+ an app) to give women personalized/accurate reproductive health data (starting with fertility) in the most automated, non-invasive and hassle-free manner.This is just the beginning for us! With the amount of data we are getting from women’s bodies we will go from fertility (today) to pregnancy to contraceptives to menopause, to even alerting them if they have been exposed to any reproductive system diseases.
Founder Parnian Majd


Healthkind is using AI to automate and personalize communications with patients. The team is developing technology fine-tuned for healthcare that automates responses to patient emails and texts – without sounding robotic. By looking at past conversations, they can better understand patients and help make comms more engaging and personal. Simply put, one-size-fits all healthcare doesn’t work and shouldn’t be the standard of care – they’re trying to fix this.
Founder Katie Herbert

Languages in Motion

LiM provides people with access to a professional interpreter (medical, legal, corporate, government etc.) in 200+ languages in less than 30 seconds via video or audio via Mobile App (Android/iOS).
Founder Michael Burak

My Breast Day

My Breast Day is a web application that supports women throughout their breast health and cancer journey. We provide educational materials for early detection, assist in organizing treatment plans, offer a wide range of resources, and foster a supportive community. Our platform empowers women to take control of their health by providing information, tools, and a supportive network to navigate the challenges of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Founder Tracy Persson

Nia Health

Helping people live healthier, longer lives through advanced blood testing, custom health plans, and 1:1 physician consults
Founder Sameer Dhar


The social impact reporting platform that empowers corporations and governments to have meaningful conversations about their impacts on Indigenous Communities and other equity-seeking groups through workforce diversity, social procurement and community contributions.
Founder Aaron Lambie


OK2StandUP provides an AI-driven wearable and app to help caregivers prevent fall incidents.
Founder Eunice Yang

On A Dime

On A Dime Transformations is a team of doctors, social workers, peer support workers, career coaches and curriculum developers with decades of experience and distinction within their fields. We have identified a gap in the current model of care that leaves those in addiction recovery facing barriers as they transition from treatment programs into building a purpose-driven life through meaningful employment.
Founder Kelly Lydiard

Orange Neurosciences

Orange Neurosciences is developing an AI-backed end to end brain health platform that is solving problem of timely psychological assessments and interventions.
Founder Vinay Singh


Requity Homes is a tech-enabled rent-to-own platform that’s creating a new path to homeownership in Canada.
Founder Amy Ding


SpectraCann is building world’s first rapid onsite THC screening test, with unmatched accuracy, reliability, and accessibility! We are on a mission to empower law enforcement, employers, and society by providing a cutting-edge, portable THC breathalyzer that quickly and accurately detects presence of THC within the impairment window. This innovative technology ensures fairness and privacy for workers while helping keep job sites safe and aids in reducing workplace incidents. By offering rapid, reliable results, we provide unprecedented visibility, information, and insights into THC driven impairment, challenging the traditional solutions and transitioning from guesswork to certainty in mere seconds.
Founder Leyla Kara


TechNovator invented an absolutely new method of energy transfer based on energy quantization, a principle first put forward by Max Planck in 1901. We mastered this principle. Technology is able to charge low, medium, high power devices simultaneously over a distance with high efficiency up to 95% without cables and battery replacement.
Founder Ruslana Dovzhyk


Volta360’s SaaS platform empowers energy efficiency practitioners, such as facility owners and energy managers, to accurately predict and implement the most impactful energy efficiency opportunities using personalized AI and Computer Vision so they can overcome decision complexity and reach their sustainability goals faster.
Founder Kamyar Rouindej